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  • great for reading.
    Size : 150CM Height : 175Cm/5ft 8in Weight : 80Kg/176.4lbs Is It Fit : It Fit
    This a super soft blanket hoodie. I bought a 150CM and it goes down to my knees. It is great for reading.

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    Review By Jason

  • cozy
    Size : 150CM Height : 163Cm/5ft 4in Weight : 70Kg/154.4lbs Is It Fit : It Fit
    On cold nights I’d fall asleep with it and it felt like being hugged, and I’d fall asleep quicker. Got one for my boyfriend as well and it’s all he wore for the remainder of winter. Only frustrating thing is that they’re so fluffy we couldn’t find a good place to store them when we weren’t using them lol but that’s on us for having limited space xD

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    Review By Jeni

  • soft
    Size : 150CM Height : 168Cm/5ft 6in Weight : 66Kg/145.6lbs Is It Fit : It Fit
    great for those girls who are cold all the time!!! super soft and warm.

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    Review By Naomi